3ply Disposable Masks | ATSM Level-3

Color: Blue

Proudly made in the USA, the Soft Ear Loop 3-Ply Mask is a staple product of Puravita.

Wider and softer ear loops covered in lotion reduce strain behind the ear and allow you to wear the mask longer without pain or aggravation behind the ears.
A strong metal nose bar makes sure that the mask comes flush with your face preventing your glasses from fogging up.
We know you're going to love the new soft loop, once you've tried it you wont want to go back to the traditional string loop.

Not sure if this mask is for you? Need a larger quantity? Reach out to our sales team and we can help you make the best choice.

Product Specs

Outside Layer: PP spunbonded 25gsm
Middle Layer: Melt-Blown 30gsm
Inner Layer: PP spunbonded 25gsm
Ultra Soft Earloop - LATEX FREE

BFE ≥98%


ASTM Level 3
FDA Registered Facility

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Holly Nye

The masks are great. The ear straps are comfortable if you have to wear them a long time. I like that they are in plastic and bundled in groups of 10 inside the box.

Ann Worsencroft

3ply Disposable Masks | ATSM Level-3

Dennis G.
Mostly Great

Love the fit and especially the wide, soft ear straps. Much better than the round elastic used by most other brands. However, sometimes when pulling the straps out for use, they break (even while being careful.) This happens with 10-20% of the masks…really not acceptable quality control. Still buying them because they are comfortable, but may look elsewhere. Paying for 50 and getting 40-45 useable is not great.

Edwina Newton

Satisfied with product

Hi Edwina! We are so happy that you are loving your masks and appreciate your support!

Comfortable and Convenient

Made in USA, Utah in fact, responsive, and they come
Without asking when. I recommend them.

Hi Brad! We are so happy that you are loving your Made in the USA masks and we truly appreciate your support!

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